John Updike Childhood Home education director Maria Mogford will work with area teachers to coordinate a class visit to the house with assigned readings and/or activities. Tours of the house are free. She will also recommend Updike stories, poems, and novels to read, based on the age group.

Mogford, who has taught as an instructor at Albright College since 2006, earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Alvernia University and also serves as docent and primary contact person for the general public to tour The John Updike Childhood Home.

In the future she intends to a) create curriculum guides meeting Common Core standards for specific works by Updike as a resource for high school teachers, b) develop and host teacher workshops with Pa. Act 48 professional credit, and c) create customized school tours of the house with assigned readings and/or activities. Teachers wanting to work with her or desiring more information should contact her by email: