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If you’re a fan of John Updike, make sure you don’t miss anything Updike related by not only following the blog-websites of The John Updike Society and The John Updike Childhood Home. You should also like/follow The John Updike Society Facebook page and The John Updike Childhood Home Facebook page. Sometimes there are Facebook posts that don’t appear on either website, like this visual update on how the Victory Garden is growing at the house, thanks to Gov. Mifflin students!

The John Updike Childhood Home is looking for volunteers to help with weeding and maintaining the flower beds. Contact Maria Lester if interested:

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Governor Mifflin students plant victory garden

As part of the continuing partnership between Governor Mifflin School District and The John Updike Childhood Home, students under the direction of Intermediate School teacher Damien Drago planted four raised beds with vegetables that were either mentioned by Updike as having been grown in his family’s garden during his years in the house (1932-45), or were commonly grown in Shillington victory gardens during the World War II years.

The Reading Eagle reports that about 45 fifth graders from Governor Mifflin Intermediate School took part in the project, which offers “kids a chance to learn some unique lessons and the historic site a chance to reclaim part of its past.”

Updike complained about having to sell the family’s asparagus and other vegetables door-to-door during the Depression years, but students who work on the victory garden will be spared that experience. Their crop will be donated to local charities.

According to the Eagle, “Drago said the project is presenting a lot of learning opportunities for the students. They’ve used their math skills to figure out how much soil they needed to buy, they learned about the process of growing plants and they got a chance to find out a bit about one of the county’s historical figures. The kids even took a three-mile historical walking tour of Shillington, taking in sites that showed what the borough was like while Updike was growing up there. And they read some of Updike’s poems that the author wrote for children.”

Drago told the Eagle he hopes to expand the project in the future and plans to enlist local students to tend the garden over the summer.

Director of Education Maria Lester was the Updike house liaison for the project.

For the full article, see “Gov. Mifflin students plant victory garden at The John Updike Childhood Home.”

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Gov. Mifflin Middle School students visit Updike house

On Monday, May 2, about 120 students from Governor Mifflin Middle School toured The John Updike Childhood Home with their teachers, Ms. Werle and Miss McKay. Organizing the event and leading the tour was Director of Education Maria Lester, who also conducted a creative writing workshop.

After the tour and hearing/seeing what Shillington and Berks County meant to Updike, students went outside to write original “sense of place” poems based on their own childhood memories growing up in and around Shillington. Shown here are students at work and some posing together under Updike’s dogwood tree.

“Finally, students graduating from GM will know who John Updike was and how he put Shillington on the map,” said Dave Silcox, Updike’s longtime local contact who has been heavily involved in acquiring exhibit materials for the house museum. Thanks to the teachers and to Maria Lester for making it happen!

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WFMZ reports on Updike 90th birthday celebration

It was a soft (and occasionally noisy) spring day in Shillington when a crowd of around 40 gathered on the side lawn of The John Updike Childhood Home, 117 Philadelphia Ave., in Shillington, Pa.

They came on Friday, March 18, to celebrate what would have been the author’s 90th birthday, to hear leading Berks County citizens read from Updike’s works, letters, interviews, and even poems the Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote as a love-struck 10 year old.

And WFMZ 69 News was there to report.

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In case you missed it: Updike’s 90th Birthday Celebration

John Updike was born 90 years ago on this date. To celebrate, John Updike Childhood Home Director of Education Maria Lester organized and hosted a reading featuring prominent Berks County residents. Watch the Facebook Live recording of the 90th Birthday Celebration at The John Updike Childhood Home, 117 Philadelphia Ave., Shillington, Pa., featuring readings from Updike’s works, interviews, letters, and even personal love poems written as a 10 year old in Shillington.

:01—Introduction and reading by Maria Lester, Director of Education at The John Updike Childhood Home (pictured)

4:54—Samantha J. Wesner, Senior Vice President Student & Campus Life, Albright College

17:18—Conrad Vanino, Shillington Councilperson and Fire Police Lt.

22:13—Charles J. Adams III, Editor, The Historical Review of Berks County

35:48—Bill McKay, Superintendent, Governor Mifflin School District

44:55—Melissa Adams, Executive Director, The Reading Public Library

49:10—Jackie Hirneisen Kendall, Updike’s classmate and first “crush”

53:55—Dave Silcox, Updike’s Berks County contact for 10 years

57:40—David W. Ruoff, former student and friend of Wesley Updike

1:01:00—Jack De Bellis, author of Updike’s Early Years, The John Updike Encyclopedia, and John Updike Remembered

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90th Birthday Celebration to begin in 30 minutes

If you live in Berks County and are a fan of John Updike, you might want to head over to The John Updike Childhood Home, 117 Philadelphia Ave., in Shillington, for a 90th Birthday Celebration featuring 90 minutes of excerpts from Updike’s Pennsylvania-related works read by prominent local citizens. Weather permitting, it will be held on the side of the house under the arbor; in case of inclement weather, the audience will be limited to the first 25 who come to the house. If you’re out of the area, check The John Updike Childhood Home Facebook page, because technology permitting, the event will be streamed live.

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Weather shutters the Updike house for a day

Because of bad weather, the John Updike Childhood Home will not open today, Saturday, Jan. 29. Stay home and stay safe if you have to go out!

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You’re invited: Updike’s 90th Birthday Celebration

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Updike house is now an official PokéStop

Director of Education Maria Lester reports that The John Updike Childhood Home is now an official PokéStop, thanks to docent Maria McDonnell.

What’s that, you ask?

Pokémon (an abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters”) is a media franchise founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. With the concept created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, what began as video and trading card games (there currently 901 different Pokémon to collect) quickly expanded into movies, television programming, a theatrical musical, and, in 2016, an augmented reality mobile game.

According to the Pokémon GO Wiki, “PokéStops are one of the most central and recognizable game elements. They can be seen and accessed only in the Map View, as they are real-world landmarks in places such as historical markers, monuments, art installations, churches, etc.”

But be careful, gamers. Internationally, there have been numerous accidents attributed to drivers and pedestrians who were so busy looking for PokéStops that they weren’t attentive to their surroundings.

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Updike house ornament contest winners announced

Sometimes John Updike drew a Santa on Christmas cards for people close to him, and Updike, who first aspired to be an artist, often was lauded for his cleverness. So it’s fitting that the docents of The John Updike Childhood Home awarded first place in the inaugural John Updike Childhood Home Ornament Contest to a Berks County student who submitted a Santa design on a paint brush—something that one judge, an artist herself, called a “clever creation.”

Jadelynn LaSalle, a 5th grader from Governor Mifflin School District, was the winner of this year’s contest and $50 prize money.

Honorable Mentions and $25 went to Jimmy McHale, a fourth grader from Wyomissing School District, and to Mercy Drago, a fourth grader from Governor Mifflin School District. McHale went with the rabbit theme (as in the four “Rabbit Angstrom” novels), while Drago created an ornament featuring a church steeple—another prominent image in Updike’s fiction.

Entries came from four different school districts in Berks County, and “a big thank-you to all who made ornaments for the Updike house tree,” said Director of Education Maria Lester, who added that she was pleased the contest generated so much interest. “Next year I imagine we’ll have even more entries,” she said.

2021 Winner—by Jadelynn LaSalle (5th Grade, Gov. Mifflin School District)
2021 Honorable Mention: Jimmy McHale (4th Grade, Wyomissing School District)
2021 Honorable Mention: Mercy Drago (4th Grade, Gov. Mifflin School District)
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